13/02/2013 - Germany & Austria Tour News

The Toy Hearts are preparing for their annual trip across the Channel, as February 2013 sees the band perform 11 dates in both Germany and Austria. Travelling with Spike Barker (Upright Bass), The Toy Hearts will be promoting the release of their 4th CD 'Whiskey', which will be available to purchase along with other official band merchandise, at all scheduled shows.

Stewart, Sophia and Hannah would all like to say a huge THANK-YOU to Rainer Zellner and the folks at Music Contact Agency, for all of their hard work organising and arranging dates for this year... Touring Germany is always a highlight for The Toy Hearts who are looking forward to catching up with old friends and making some new ones along the way too!

Music Contact Artist Page: http://www.musiccontact.com/display_artist.php?artist=toy
Music Contact Artist Dates: http://www.musiccontact.com/tour.php?artist=toy

Germany & Austria Tour Dates February 2013

Date: 16.02.2013
Address: 31137 Hildesheim, Bischofsmühle
Time: 21:00
Website: http://www.bischofsmuehle.de

Date: 17.02.2013
Address: 10999 Berlin, Das Hotel
Time: 21:30
Website: http://dashotelclassic.blogspot.com
Telephone: VVK: 030 84118433

Date: 19.02.2013
Address: 75175 Pforzheim, Bottich
Time: 20:15
Website: http://www.folkclub-prisma.de

Date: 20.02.2013
Address: A-6370 Kitzbühel, Café Praxmair
Time: 20:00

Date: 21.02.2013
Address: 87435 Kempten, Haus International
Time: 20:00
Website: http://www.hausinternational.de
Telephone: VVK: 0831 17138

Date: 22.02.2013
Address: 79098 Freiburg, Wodan Halle
Time: 20:30
Website: http://www.wodan-halle-freiburg.de
Telephone: VVK: 0761 -382433

Date: 23.02.2013
Address: 72072 Tübingen, Sudhaus Peripherie
Time: 20:30
Website: http://www.sudhaus-tuebingen.de
Telephone: VVK: 07071-74 696

Date: 24.02.2013
Address: 63897 Miltenberg, Beavers Museum
Time: 20:00
Website: http://www.beaversmiltenberg.de
Telephone: VVK: 09371-9497 429

Date: 25.02.2013
Address: 89269 Voehringen-Illerberg, Clubheim
Time: 20:00
Website: http://www.illertal-cowboys.de

Date: 26.02.2013
Address: A-6020 Innsbruck, Bäckerei
Time: 20:00
Website: http://www.diebaeckerei.at/

Date: 27.02.2013
Address: Kolbermoor, Kesselhaus
Time: 20:00
Website: http://www.exorbitan.de
Telephone: VVK: 08061/7356