23/07/2013 - In Association with Girl Guitar ATX, Sophia Hosts Two Guitar Workshops

In association with Girl Guitar ATX, Sophia is going to be hosting two guitar workshops this August. Held at The Music Lab, Austin, TX, Sophia will be leading an 'Introduction to Jazz & Swing Guitar' workshop and an 'Introduction to Classical Guitar' workshop, each will be three hours long and costs just $50... Plus, you can drink wine, check out the full details below!

Introduction to Jazz and Swing Guitar - August 3rd, 1-4pm, Room 49, $50.00
This workshop will focus on the gypsy swing guitarist Django Reinhardt in particular and will look at Minor Swing, melody, chords, and beginning improvisation. It will also include some gypsy guitar techniques and look at the gypsy style of picking and 'pumping' gypsy shell chords. This is meant to be a fun and introductory class, anyone of any ability/style is welcome!

Introduction to Classical Guitar - August 10th, 1-4pm Room 50, $50.00
A spanish/classical/nylon string guitar is preferable but not essential for the class - bring whatever you are currently playing!In this workshop we will cover classical guitar techniques for both hands including P I M A X, rest strokes, free strokes, rasqueado, thumb position, barre, and move into scales and arpeggios. The aim is that everyone will be able to play some classical guitar by the end of the session!

Workshops held at:
The Music Lab
1306 W. Oltorf
Austin, TX 78704